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Fantawild Animation Inc.: the most influential animation company in China

Fantawild Animation Inc.: the most influential animation company in China Science & Technology World Website


Fantawild Animation Inc. (FAI) specializes in original animation design and production under the Fantawild Holding's name, which is one of the largest Cultural and Technology groups in China.

Globally, Fantawild Animation has distributed its programs to over 100 countries. Its shows have been broadcast on major networks such as Disney Taiwan, Nickelodeon Asia, and Nickelodeon India. Fantawild has gained favorable notice and multiple honors at international events including TBS Digicon 6 (Japan) 2010, Cartoons on the Bay (Italy) 2010, Worldfest Houston (USA) 2012, and in 2011, Fantawild won the coveted Kids' Jury Award at MIPJUNIOR in Cannes, France.

Domestically, Fantawild continues to be the most influential animation company in the country. Since 2012, its animated series, "Boonie Bears", has been China's most popular cartoon, dominating many Chinese networks, and its merchandise is popular among viewers and fans across the nation. In 2013, Fantawild broke the ratings record of the CCTV Children's Channel which was established in 2003.

All copyrights of Fantawild Animation belong to Fantawild Holdings Inc., and Fantawild International Limited is in charge of international distribution and merchandising.



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