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TrueConf Ltd. based in Russia

The company develops and introduces its products to different fields of private and business activity. Moreover, the company offers special solutions of audio and video transfer to order. Creating the effect of personal attendance technology used by TrueConf allegedly allows more than 100 people participate in one video conference simultaneously. TrueConf positions its products as solutions that can work even on slow and unreliable channels.

Founded in 2003, TrueConf is the largest vendor of enterprise and consumer products and equipment for video conferencing in Eastern Europe. TrueConf was the first to introduce a series of unique developments in the market of video conferencing, including 3D-video conferencing, mobile video conferencing and gesture-controlled video conferencing systems. The company supports and promotes a number of non-profit public projects.

TrueConf's solutions allow anyone to set up a secure corporate unified communications system with support of FullHD video and elements of collaboration in the shortest possible time on all popular platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android) and for any type of usage on personal devices, in workplaces, meeting rooms or conference halls.

TrueConf's portfolio includes over a thousand of successful deployments for government, education, financial institutions, and SMBs in different fields.

TrueConf company is ready to become your reliable partner in practical implementation of unified communications and video conferencing projects.

TrueConf company also develops and implements custom solutions in the field of video and audio data transmission, including software development.



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