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Qype based in Hamburg

Qype was a Hamburg-based web 2.0 company centred on social networking and local reviews. They operated websites in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Italy and Brazil, and had approximately 22 million monthly unique European visitors.

Competitor Yelp announced their acquisition of Qype in October 2012 and Qype reviews were merged into the Yelp site by October 2013.

Qype was founded in March 2006 operating solely in the German market, which has now expanded to include most European cities. In March 2007 Qype was awarded the Red Herring 100 Europe award.

In July 2007 Qype UK was launched, adding English to the interface and content. In January 2008 the website was translated into French, in anticipation of the launch of Qype France. Subsequent versions localised for the Spanish market (October 2008), Ireland and Austria (Summer 2008) in local language have followed. In 2008 Brazil was added, and Qype's first iPhone application.

In summer 2011, Qype launched sites in the Netherlands and Portugal as well as an application on Windows Mobile.

On 13 July 2011, Qype was featured in the BBC television show, The Apprentice, when one of the contestants was unable to pronounce the company name although still used it as the inspiration for his successful project.

Qype hosted an online database of user-generated reviews of local businesses in Europe. Users could add new places to the database, upload photos, review places in 7 languages and engage in community activities. Qype listed reviews on a wide range of categories, listing all places in a user-based rank-order. Selected reviews were also presented in the weekly Qype newsletter, and on city and country pages.

There is a de facto reputation system, where users could see which members are the most popular, respected, and prolific contributors. Users could also check out who shares their interests or indeed their opinions of specific places. Qype fostered the community with events for members at local bars and restaurants, as well as B2C events for Qype members.



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