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Phitek Systems is an innovator of electro-acoustic technology


Phitek Systems is a world-leading innovator in advanced electro-acoustic technologies for personal listening, with a specific focus on the aviation sector. The company was established in 2003 with the determination to meet the growing demand by premium class airline passengers, for the benefits of ambient noise cancellation when using in-flight entertainment (IFE) equipment. Its on-going focus remains the delivery of excellence in all aspects of meeting that continuing demand curve.

Driven by philosophy of customer needs-focused innovation, within three years Phitek established a commanding lead in the supply of integrated- and headphone-based noise cancellation solutions for major aviation customers, including: Singapore Airlines; Qatar Airways; Emirates Airlines; Air New Zealand; and Finnair. Today Phitek has clear ownership of this segment with almost a quarter of a million RJU seat installations worldwide, a substantial number of large-fleet noise-cancelation headphone customers and a pipeline of innovation that will substantially increase these totals.

In 2005 they expanded their business by designing audio products tailored for general use on the ground. Developing its first battery powered noise-cancelling headphone at that point, they grew their expertise in this segment incorporating our technology into a significant volume and range of consumer audio products for leading consumer electronics companies including: Logitech; Audio Technica; GN Netcom; Panasonic; Maxell Corporation; and Creative Labs. Their consumer noise-cancellation products have received overwhelmingly positive endorsement from leading, independent market commentators and consumer electronics journals and are generally recognized as being “Best in Class”.



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