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Emotiv Systems is an Australian electronics company

Emotiv Systems is an Australian electronics company developing brain–computer interfaces based onelectroencephalography (EEG) technology. Emotiv System's products are the Emotiv EPOC, a peripheral for gaming onWindows, OS X and Linux, and the Emotiv EEG neuroheadset. The EPOC has 16 electrodes and is meant to work as a computer input device.

A 2013 review rated the device inferior to comparable medical-grade EEG headsets. Susceptibility to RF interference due to the device's unshielded cables, and electrode corrosion were noted as problems.

In an interview,[4] co-founder Tan Le spoke about her desire to 'democratise' EEG headsets in order to allow companies and individuals with limited budgets to experiment and innovate.

Examples of use:

In 2012 Chaotic Moon used the device for a mind controlled skateboard.

In 2013 Smirnoff used the headsets to create a music track known as Project Mindtunes. The track was created using the brainwaves of DJ Fresh and musicians with paralysis.

In 2014 Bwin used the headsets to visualise brain maps of individuals playing a game of Texas Hold'em in order to differentiate between the workings of an expert player versus an amateur.

At the EMC World Conference in Las Vegas in May 2015, Emotiv showed how the headsets can be used to play video games using mind control.



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