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credit360 is a global company

They started back in 2002, with a team of sustainability professionals frustrated with the tools they had to use to do their jobs. With the deadline near, it was the sixth time that an urgent phone call had changed the same key piece of sustainability data from a global corporation, and the sixth time the glossy graphic for the Sustainability Report had had to be redrawn. "There must be an easier way than this," they said.

When they started imagining what sustainability tools could do for their organisations, they soon went beyond data management and stakeholder reporting. One partner needed to keep a constant high level view of his team's performance, while another needed more robust delegation across a global organisation. One needed to run scenarios for carbon management, and another demanded tools to support trend analysis for health and safety incidents.

The result was a speciality sustainability software company that grew and grew. And they kept developing credit360 to respond to their customers' changing needs.

Their client base now ranges from SMEs to some of the largest companies in the world, with a range of geographies and sectors. And their customers seem pretty impressed - their client retention rate is 98%.

Their team includes specialists in a range of sustainability themes including reporting (GRI, external assurance), community involvement (LBG), energy and carbon management, business ethics and responsible sourcing. All our software is developed in-house, to ensure the functionality is what their clients really need, and that it stays intuitive and easy to use.

That's why sustainability professionals around the world choose our system to support their organisations. If you need the security of working with a supplier with heritage, who can provide a tried and trusted service, give them a call.



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