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Ningbo Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

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Ningbo Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone  Science & Technology World Website


Located in Yangtze River Delta - the most prosperous, potential and developed zone in Chinese mainland, Ningbo is a city with law and order, strong commerce environment, beautiful sceneries and literary assembly.

In terms of cargo throughput, Ningbo Port ranks No.2 among all ports in Mainland China. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge integrates Ningbo in a 2-hour-drive economic rim centered on Shanghai. The market oriented economic structure makes Ningbo's economic system the most competitive in the Mainland China.

Lower business operation cost comparing with Shanghai while enjoying its strong support.

Perfect educational system offers abundant high quality human resource.

The Zone is an important platform for Ningbo to execute its Number One Project and promote high-tech industries. Enterprise investing in this area shall obtain the greatest support from the City Government and the Administrative Committee of the Zone.

Sitting against the city proper, the Zone enjoys various urban support facilities, which release the in-Park enterprises' cares at home.

The Zone offers comprehensive professional and efficient services to the enterprises, free of charge; that enables them begin their business as soon as possible.

Closely co-operating with universities and research institutes, the Zone obtains lots of R&D supports that enhance the information communication and technology co-operation. The Zone is still pursuing knowledge and innovation-driving development.



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