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Longhe Hi-tech Industrial Park

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Natural Environment

The climate in LHIP is warm temperate continental monsoon climate. With adequate light and heat as well as simultaneous heat and moisture, it is conducive to the growth of crops.

The annual average temperature is 11.45 degrees and annual average precipitation is 600 mm. Frost-free period is 181 days and annual average wind speed is 4 m/s.  The annual average sunshine hours is 2260 hours. Flat terrain has a slope from northwest to southeast with height difference from north to south no more than 3 meters, so it is suitable for building.

In this area, most soil is river alluvial soil and hydrostatic sedimentary soil. Tidal soil accounts for 89.17% of the total area while sandy soil on the riverbank is only 0.3%. Terrain characteristic is mainly flat terrain type, with slight slope from north to south. The elevation above sea level is between 2.5-25 m, and slope is 1/2500-1/10000.

Around this area, There are two seasonal rivers :Yongdinghe River and Longhe River, and they both belong to the Haihe River Basin.

Location &Transportation

LHIP is located in the southeast of Langfang city zone, near the coast of Langfang mother river –Longhe River. Adjacent to the city's South Loop Road to the north, along the Beijing-shanhaiguan railway to the east, near the Langfang-Botou Express to west, across rural expressway to the south, she enjoys the unique proximity to the mother city and its unique location advantage of the transportation.

From Langfang exit of Jing-Jin-Tang express, LHIP can be reached within 10 minutes; Beijing-Shanhaiguan railway is adjacent to LHIP, and it is only 0.5km away from the freight terminal; It’s only 10-minute drive from the two A-level hospitals in Langfang City.  It’s only 5- minute drive from the State run high school. All of above provided unparalleled advantages for LHIP.

Langfang City is located in the Bohai Sea economic Rim and the heart of the capital economic circle, It is 40 km and 60 km respectively from the center of Beijing and Tianjin. Within a radius of 100 km, there are two international airports, a large freight port. LHIP is 70 kilometers away from the Capital International Airport and Tianjin Airport, 100 kilometers away from Tianjin New port.

Within a radius of 60 km, there are two international airports, a large freight port, 5 national express, 11 express, five high-speed railway, as well as Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and Beijing - Tianjin Second Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and Jing-Jin-Tang inter-city high-speed railway, All of these formed of the sea, land and air three-dimensional transportation network.


Economic Development

Construction of LongHe high-tech industrial Park is more than four years, explicitly it states that " to cooperate between government and enterprises to build the Park, construct scientific planning to build-up the park, surrounding the Foxconn stong the park, create a harmonious Park" idea. Long He, is promoting infrastructure construction, innovativing government-enterprise cooperation, investment and financing mechanisms, improving urban-rural integration and new rural construction vigorously.

Long He is gradually emerging good economic and social benefits, the developing environment is quite well into the fast lane of development.

As of November 2009, regional GDP reached 4.302 billion yuan, have completed investment in fixed assets 330 million yuan, 5.042 billion yuan of industrial output value, export volume reached 278 million dollars.

At present, the leading industries of LongHe high-tech industrial Park are

electronic & information, biological medicine, equipment manufacturing, new materials, modern service industry. And assistance industries are modern services, logistics and distribution. LongHe high-tech industrial Park is fully grasping the leading manufacturers of electronic information industry.


Human environment

Long he Hi-tech industrial park is located Langfang City in which the development environment is improving. In recently, it has taken the lead in medium-sized cities across the country through the SO14001Environmental Management System Certification" and became "ISO14000 National Demonstration Park, meanwhile it has won honor of “top Twenty Chinese Investment Park” Award, ”China’s Most Charming and Ecological Financial Cities” award,” National Most secure Park of Integrity for investment” award,” China Excellent Tourism Cities”, ”National Environment Protection Model Cities”, ”National Advanced Scientific and Technological Progress Cities” ,”China Habitat Environment Example Award” and a number of other national honors.

Langfang city has 13 state-level scientific research institutions, 21 universities and 20 secondary technical schools, the Oriental University City has been assigned to more than 30 colleges and universities; at the same time, ,a large number of national research institutions and universities in Beijing and Tianjin will provide a scientific and technology support for  Langfang.



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