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Hangzhou North Software Park - China Software Park

Bordered by the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the east, Shixiang Road to the North, Moganshan Road to the west, Gouyun Road to the north, the Park enjoys superior transportation advantages, and adjacent to the important transportation artery circling the city. It is very convenient that the elevated way nearby leads directly to Hangzhou-Ningbo highway, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo highway and Hangzhou Beltway through the Park.

The industrial agglomeration effect of the Park is becoming more and more obvious, and has initially achieved in the agglomeration of Hi-tech industries such as software, network, E-business, animation games, cultural creativity and etc. There are 24 well-known enterprises and industry leaders in the fields of software and communication, among which, 13 enterprises have been designated as the key enterprises supported by the government. A kind of distinctive industry cluster is gradually taking shape, in the lines of software development represented by Zhejiang Panshi Information & Technology Co., Ltd, E-business by Zhejiang Lianlian Pay Co., Ltd, animation design by Zhejiang Dishun Technology Co., Ltd, and service outsourcing by Hangzhou Feilong Animation Co., Ltd, as well as cultural creativity by Arab Asia Business TV.  

The Park is committed to open “Green Channel” for all enterprises investing in the Park, by providing one-stop free services to help them cope with related procedures required by the industrial & commercial administrations, tax administration, banking sector, environmental protection institute, and fire control institution. All the introduced enterprises are offered to enjoy various preferential policies supported by the Park, besides of a series of related policies formulated by the country, province and municipality. The Park will take the role to build a venture capital platform for enterprises by providing supports equal to 30% of VC fund as well as relative services between banks and enterprises. Meanwhile, the Park will also hold job fairs regularly, to help enterprises bring in talent in different levels and fields, especially those from colleges and universities nearby such as Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University City College, and etc, to make full use of its geography advantages. Together with fine decorated single apartments, high-end residential apartments are also available for talents in the Park, such as Northern Town Paradise, Ikea Times, Fanerdun Hotel, and Capital Land. 24 hours’ property service and 24 hours’ eatery center are also provided by the Park in order to create fine working and living environment for the talents. In additional to the buses, there are several bicycle service-points offered. Some more bus stations are under construction and ready to be finished soon. The Comprehensive Supporting Service Center of Northern Software Park will be ready for use within the year 2010, integrated with functions of offering catering, meeting, training, entertainment, and intermediary service.



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