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Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

The Development Area is located in Linangang in the southeastern part of Zhengzhou City. Its planned scope totals 12.49 square kilometers. With a distance of 7 kilometers from the urban center and 1.5 kilometers from the edge of the urban central complex, the Development Area is an important part of the Putian Export-oriented Economic Complex in east Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou lies in central China's Henan Province. As early as 3,500 year ago, it was an important city of the Shang Dynasty. At present, Zhengzhou is a key trade, commercial and resource distributing center in China.

Zhengzhou is a transportation hub in China---of railways, highways, and aviation. Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (ZETDZ) is surrounded by many highways and railways.

Beijing-Guangzhou and Lanzhou-Lianyungang Railways join at Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou North Railway Station is the largest train marshalling station in Asia and Zhengzhou East Railway Station is the largest transshipment station for part-load goods in China. Lanzhou-Lianyungang Railway runs across the north part of ZETDZ. It is 3 kilometers from ZETDZ to Putian Station on Lanzhou-Lianyungang Railway, and 2 kilometers to Zhengzhou Railway Freight Station. Zhengzhou East Railway Station is at the west doorstep of the Zone.

Both State Highways No. 107 and No. 310, and Beijing-Zhuhai and Kaifeng-Luyang Expressways plus 18 other highway routes form a well-established network of highway transportation, making Zhengzhou one of the seven transportation hubs in China. ZETDZ is 1.5 kilometers away from Zhengzhou Road Freight Transport Center.

ZETDZ is 22 kilometers or a 15-minute ride from Xinzheng International Airport.

Zhengzhou has a total proved coal reserve of over 5 billion tons, refractory clay 100 million tons and beauxite 100 tons. Abundant in oil shale reserve, Zhengzhou stands as one of the largest natural oil shale reserve bases in China.

Zhengzhou now has 3,778 scientific and technological institutions staffed by more than 400,000 engineers, technicians and other professionals. The city owns 20 colleges and universities, 13 schools of higher education for adults, and 8 units that are accredited to offer post-graduate programs.

Four major industries have come into shape in the zone, namely, information electronics, electrical appliance, printing and packaging, and food processing.



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