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Yangpu Economic Development Zone is located on the Yangpu Peninsula

Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone was Approved in March 1992, and enjoy the same preferential policies with the state-level economic and technological development zones.

Yangpu Economic Development Zone is located on the Yangpu Peninsula in the northeastern part of Hainan Province. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, it covers an area of 310, 000 square kilometers and has a coastline of 24 kilometers. It is 172 nautical miles to Zhanjiang of Guangdong, 4881 nautical miles to Guangzhou, 1511 nautical miles to the border on the sea with Vietnam, 1693 nautical miles to Osaka of Japan and 1829 nautical miles to Singapore.

Yangpu is in the tropical island monsoon area. The climate here is mild with an average temperature of 24.7 centigrade and annual rainfall of about 1,100 milimeters.

The Yangpu Peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It has a wide and deep sea space, dotted with 20 bays, big or small. The Yangpu Bay can be built into a harbor with twenty 10,000-tonage berths and the biggest berth can be as large as 100,000-tonage. The average depth of water in the bay is 11 meters and the deepest 24.6 meters. 30,000-ton vessels can go in and out freely, immune from the change of tide.

The Yuehai Railway Passage, which links Haikou with the railway network of Guangdong Province through the Qiongzhou Strait rail-ferry opened to traffic in January 2003, enabling free flow of goods between the Zone and the mainland.

The Yangpu Economic Development Zone has a highway network of 100 kilometers long and the 128km-long expressway joining Haikou and Yangpu has been completed for transportation.

AirportYangpu is 45 kilometers away from Meilan International Airport of Haikou.

The zone has started such projects of parquetry and rubber processing. Some others are under construction including paper pulp, optical fiber, wheat flour processing, auto engines assembling, iron cores of dynamo.

ment PrioritiesThe Yangpu Economic Development Zone is aiming at building up an advanced industry-oriented, environmental-friendly, urbanized, modern and international harbor and development zone with a well-developed tertiary industry. Priority sectors for foreign investment are electrics, bio-pharmaceuticals, new material, chemical industry, metallurgy, machine building, construction materials, ocean fishery port, aquatic product processing, real estate, tourism, etc.



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