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Nord-Vest development region

The North-West Regional Development Board is composed by the presidents of the County Councils of the 6 counties in the region - Bihor, Bistrita-Nasaud, Cluj, Maramures, Satu-Mare, Salaj – and one representative of each local municipal, town and communal council, appointed from each county, throughout the mandate.

The Regional Development Board is chaired by a president and a vice-president. These functions are fulfilled, by turns, for a 1 year mandate.In the menu dedicated to the North-West RDB you can also consult the archive of the resolutions adopted starting with year 2004.

The North-West Regional Development Agency (RDA) was set up according to Law 151/1998 by decision no. 4/16.12.1998 of the Regional Development Board (RDB) of the North-West Development Region, as a public service organism, with legal status, that operates in specific fields of regional development.

RDA North-West is the executive organ of the Regional Development Board of the North-West Development Region.Here you can find out information about the mission and the values of the North-West RDA, the Agency’s strategic activity fields and you can meet our team.



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