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The Buffalo Trace Area Development District


The Buffalo Trace Area Development District (BTADD) was established in 1969 as a regional planning and development organization. BTADD assists the counties of Bracken, Fleming, Lewis, Mason & Robertson with the planning and implementation of a variety of programs and services. The Area Development Districts serve as forums, clearinghouses, technical centers and as conveners for the region and they have both federal and state statutory authority.

The Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is responsible for implementing the Older Americans Act of 1965 by working with local officials to identify the needs of the elderly. The AAA works as an advocate on behalf of all Older Americans in the Buffalo Trace Region. The AAA develops, implements and administers the Buffalo Trace Area Plan on Aging. The Buffalo Trace Area Council on Aging operates under the supervision of the Buffalo Trace Area Development District Board of Directors, and works with BTADD staff to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Area Plan on Aging. The Area Plan outlines strategies for comprehensive delivery system of services to seniors in the Buffalo Trace five-county area; Bracken, Fleming, Lewis, Mason, and Robertson. The Aging Services Department can assist with Adult Day Care, Senior Centers in the region, Counseling, support, advocacy, Family Caregiver Support, In Home Assistance, Service Providers, and State Health Insurance issues.

Buffalo Trace Planning and Development team works with local governments, businesses, agencies, special districts, and individuals to help build strong communities by implementing the Community Economic Development Strategies Plan (CEDS). Our assistance encompasses a wide range of activities provided by specialized staff in Economic Development, Community Development, Local Government Assistance, Agriculture Programs, Transportation Programs, Hazard Mitigation Planning, Local Government GIS Services, Enhanced 911 Services, and Infrastructure Development.

The Buffalo Trace Finance Department provides technical assistance to local units of government in financial administration and related areas. The Finance Department assists city and county government in establishing sound purchasing procedures, providing assistance with uniform financial reporting, providing technical assistance in personnel and management administration, providing training programs for local officials, assistance in cash investment management, and assisting with ordinance preparation with occupational taxes. For more Information regarding the Finance Department and how we may assist you, visit our Finance section on our website or feel free to contact Michael Thoroughman, Fiscal Officer at 606-564-6894 or mthoroughman@btadd.com.

The Lending Services Department is the Program Administrator for the 1985 Kentucky Multi County Mortgage Revenue Bond Program, involving 53 counties and the City of Louisville. Lending Services Staff monitor loans, handle collections, and initiates foreclosure actions as needed. Lending Services Staff make loans to prospective homebuyers to purchase, build, or buy manufactured homes in the five-county area through the Kentucky Housing Corporation. Additionally, the Lending Services programs encompass the Economic Development Administration (EDA) Business Loan program, Infrastructure Loan program, SBA Microloan Program, Buffalo Trace AG Loan Program, and the BTADD/Rural Development Intermediary Relending Program. The Lending Services Department works with the Small Business Adminitration staff and Morehead State University Small Business Development Center in a process to help clients prepare information to present to a potential lender for funding.

Workforce DevelopmentBuffalo Trace Area Development District has been designated as the administrative entity for the TENCO Workforce Investment Area (LWIA)on behalf of the TENCO Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) for employment and training programs in a ten county area which includes Bath, Bracken, Boyd, Fleming, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, Montgomery, Robertson and Rowan.

Workforce services, under the WIA Title I programs, provide employment and training services to eligible employers, future employees, the unemployed and the underemployed.

There are three TENCO One-Stop Career Centers which can provide information, eligibility determination, referrals, job search and placement activities, career counseling and case management services. The Career Centers are located in Ashland, Maysville and Morehead and have a wide array of state and federal services available through WIA and other partners including the Office of Employment & Training.



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