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Wuxi Creative Sensor Technology Co

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Wuxi Creative Sensor Technology Co, founded in 2002 in Wuxi New District, is a leading contact image sensor manufacturer wholly-funded by the Taiwan-based Creative Sensor Inc. Its main products include linear sensors, area sensors and liquid lens, which are main components of scanners and copying machines.

Creative Sensor Inc is a professional manufacturer of color contact image sensor modules for imaging applications. Conceived through semiconductor technology cooperation with Toshiba, Creative Sensor Inc has introduced Toshiba's key optical components for mass production. Major shareholders include the Teco Group, Taiwan’s largest mechanical and electrical appliance corporation, and the Pacific Venture Group.

Creative Sensor Inc is Taiwan’s first company to invest R&D in CCD components for color contact image sensors, and is currently the global leader in the manufacturing of color contact image sensors. In October 2000, Creative Sensor Inc obtained ISO 9001 certification, and in October 2004, became ISO 14001 certified.

With total capital in excess of NT$1270 million, Creative Sensor became a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Security Exchange Corporation (TSEC) on May 17, 2005.



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