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The Scottish Enterprise Technology Park (SETP), located in Scotland’s largest new town, East Kilbride, began life over 50 years ago as the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL), which undertook research and development work for both government and business. In 1994, the 34-hectare facility was acquired by the Scottish Enterprise Network with responsibility for the management and development of the Park lying with Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire. SETP continues to successfully meet and exceed the needs of growing technology companies. This is demonstrated by the 100% growth of the Park itself recently, now home to approx. 100 companies employing in excess of 1,200 highly skilled staff, indicating that, in the 12 years that Scottish Enterprise has maintained it, the technology park has successfully fulfilled its objectives, the underlying principles behind these objectives being to:

  • promote economic and business development

  • provide a flagship project for Lanarkshire in a niche market

  • encourage and assist creation and growth for more technology-based companies

  • encourage expansion of existing growing companies at SETP

  • develop the Park’s reputation as a Centre of Technology excellence

  • maximise opportunities for technology transfer

  • ensure continuity and expansion of linkages with business development initiatives.

Since the Scottish Enterprise Network acquired the Park in 1994, it has seen a number of these principles come to fruition. There have been five new developments of both multi- and single-occupancy buildings and work is underway on the next. The Park has attracted a number of new small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and Scottish Enterprise continues to support them in their growth, with the facilities the Park offers including flexible lease terms allowing easy migration on the Park. Scottish Enterprise continues to ensure that these principles are at the forefront and that work continues in order to deliver them effectively.



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