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Hillington Park Innovation Centre

Hillington Park Innovation Centre  Science & Technology World Website


Awarded the UK Most Established Business Incubator of the Year Award 2006, it strives to provide an excellent incubation facility for Scotland’s leading innovative companies.

Dozens of Scottish companies have benefited from the innovation centre’s ground-breaking advisory support services, based in a top-class facility near Glasgow Airport.

The award-winning Hillington Park Innovation Centre – recognised as one of the world’s top three fastest-growing business incubators – is managed by Innovation Centres Scotland Ltd, who also manage the Alba Innovation Centre in Livingston, near Edinburgh.

Hillington is much more than a managed property facility. As one of the leading business incubators for innovative technology businesses in the UK, Hillington Park Innovation Centre provides an enabling environment, within which businesses receive:

• in-house advisory support

• the opportunity for creative development and networking with other businesses and strategic contacts

• access to a network of successful entrepreneurs and specialist expert knowledge.

Hillington’s aim is to make a significant difference to ambitious, innovative technology businesses, through a structured and proven process of innovation advisory support and business incubation.

This involves examining all aspects of the business, challenging where appropriate, but ultimately aiming to deliver exceptional support which will remove barriers and facilitate growth.



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