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Russia to Establish New Industrial Park in Urals

Russia’s Uralmashzavod will be used as the basis for a new industrial park. The industrial zone will cover an area of about 202.5 hectares.

An industrial park is a specially organized area managed by a single operator and designed for locating a complex of production facilities. A site should be provided with energy resources, infrastructure and necessary administrative and legal conditions.

The project aimed at creating an industrial park on the basis of Uralmashzavod is being implemented in order to attract investors, as well as to improve the efficiency of released areas, in particular, manufacturing and service companies of the engineering industry that are capableof developing internal cooperation. The project is likely to be implemented by a property management company that will not only attract investors, but also promote the industrial park.

It is expected that a working group will be created to analyze all the pilot projects of creating the industrial park before July 15. The investment volume will be determined by the concept of creation and development of the industrial park which will be prepared by the working group.



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