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Yaroslavl Oblast is attracting investments for the indutrial park

Yaroslavl Oblast plans to build an industrial park near Tunoshna International Airport in Yaroslavl city. With superior geographical location, this industrial park features complete infrastructure in transportation, communication as well as customs. According to the plan, this industrial park will manufacture and assemble consumer goods in both domestic and oversea market. Russia anticipated attracting investments, technologies and learning from experiences in market development from China.

Russia has cited attracting foreign investment as its national policy, which guarantees new cooperative space for growing economic and trade cooperation between Russia and China.

Mikhail Kamynin, spokesman of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that, Russian industrial park will be perfect to attract Chinese investments. He hopes that Chinese investors will take the processing industry as the priority, such as wood processing. Besides, constructing mega infrastructure projects, such as highways, bridges and restructuring existing ports will be the main focus of bilateral cooperation.

Vice president of Russia also stressed in an interview that Russia will provide the most preferential policy and legal environment for Chinese investors.



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