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GongChang is a large B2B e-commerce platform

GongChang.com is a large B2B e-commercep latform. Focused on providing services for the manufacturing enterprises, we also warmly welcome the enterprises from all the fields to join in with us.

The ultimate trend of enterprise e-commerce development is that every enterprise is able to directly face their own raw material manufacturers and consumer groups. Meanwhile, it is the basic orientation and special mission of GongChang.com as well.

We strongly believe that high-standard quality service can only be achieved by the group that is consisted of professionals with high quality. GongChang.com brings together a large number of highly-qualified talents equipped with rich actual combat experience in the field of enterprise e-commerce. We also pay great attention to enhancing their professional skills and service consciousness.

Dedicated to the growth and development of manufacturing enterprises, our service aim is to lay the foundation for their growth, lend powerful wings to their development, and thus help them stand out among the world brands.

If you just want to keep your enterprise running, then there is no need for you to pay attention to GongChang.com.

If you want to make your enterprise grow up rapidly to be much stronger, advance toward the world, and stand out among the world brands, then GongChang.com is your top choice.


Key Milestones

November, 2008 Established GongChang.com team.

January, 2009 Put domain name GongChang.com into use.

January, 2009 Held the 2008 annual summary meeting; set up four departments.

February 1st, 2009 Officially launched the project ceremony.

February, 2009 Set up the Chinese free customer service hotline: 400 669 2008.

May, 2009 Successfully launched the mobile phone edition.

June, 2009 Introduced the slogan: Worldwide Factories, all in GongChang.com.

June, 2009 To achieve the goal of system upgrade, Technical Department had worked 11 hours per day for a whole month without weekends and holidays.

July, 2009 GongChang.com achieved the first system upgrade and became the most powerful e-commerce platform across the industry.

Mid-October, 2009 The International Edition entered the development phase.

February 2010 GongChang.com International entered the phase for public testing, opening up its own international field.

April 2010 Finished the first system updating.

July 2010 The Chinese edition of GongChang.com succeeded in completing the 4th updating, forging GongChang.com to be the top B2B website in China after the four months of updating.



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