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Share Square is a visual collaboration tool for teams

Share Square is ready to disrupt the way people collaborate online. The magic difference is visual. By organizing information in a project team in a visual manner people are aware of what others are working on. It is easier to share information and communication is more powerful. Share Square is a real-time shared pinboard which also makes it ideal for teleconferencing, brainstorming and so forth.

We target all sorts of designers, software developers, managers and consultants. Designers use Share Square to present and communicate their ideas with their coworkers, their clients and the other companies they collaborate with. Software developers use Share Square as a scrum board, for planning, remaining up to date with others working in different times or from different places. Consultants and managers use Share Square during their teleconference, to brainstorm, share important notes and so forth.

Share Square was conceptualized in 2005 on TU Delft's Industrial Design Engineering out of frustration with the then existing collaboration tools. Some years later Thatcher decided to dedicate his graduation research on design collaboration in virtual (spread) design teams. His research still forms the firm foundation of the product today.



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