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Ignite Wellness App tracks daily choices to improve health

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The Ignite Wellness app is a daily monitoring system that tracks the user's life expectancy.

It helps to translate everyday choices into data that reflects one's general life expectancy. For instance, does eating a salad instead of a burger actually make a difference? What about going out for that morning jog?

By using the smartphone's sensor coupled with the Ignite Pad, which the mobile connects with to measure the user’s weight and exercise level, the Ignite Wellness app offers an easy to understand interface centered around the 'life number.' This number essentially bypasses the complex mathematics of life expectancy. According to Psfk, "The software also leverages existing life insurance industry calculations for life expectancy and augments this information into a proactive improvement plan for the user."

The Ignite Wellness app also has a reward points system, leaderboard and more to keep users motivated.



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