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Subaru shows off its new hybrid crossover concept, the Viziv 2

Subaru shows off its new hybrid crossover concept, the Viziv 2 Science & Technology World


After providing a sneak peek of the vehicle last month, Subaru has now fully revealed its Viziv 2 Concept, at the Geneva Motor Show. The four-door crossover hatchback hybrid builds upon ideas previously presented in the Viziv Concept, which debuted at last year's event. Taking its name from an amalgamation of the words "Vision for Innovation," it's intended to combine eco-friendliness with spirited performance.

Like its two-door predecessor, the glass-roofed Viziv 2 is designed to comfortably seat four adults. The people in front once again get in and out via butterfly doors, although there's now the addition of two sliding rear doors for access to the back seats. The new model is also 90 mm (3.5 in) longer, with a wheelbase of 2,730 mm (107.5 in).

The integration of an EyeSight stereo camera system allows for 360-degree sensing of the vehicle's surroundings. This makes autonomous driving features possible, such as automated lane-keeping and obstacle-avoidance.

The Viziv 2 incorporates a 1.6-liter horizontally-opposed direct injection turbo engine, whereas the previous version featured a 2.0-liter engine. The rest of the powertrain is the same in both vehicles, and includes one front motor, two rear motors, a high-torque-compatible Lineartronic continuously-variable transmission, a lithium-ion battery pack, and independent-rear-motor-driven symmetrical all-wheel drive.

That last feature is claimed to "provide fine-tuned control of the four wheels to match the travel environment and road surface conditions." Additionally, the vehicle's overall layout reportedly boosts performance by creating a low center of gravity and "superior weight balance."



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