Intel is reportedly working on a new augmented reality headset

Intel is reportedly jumping into the world of augmented reality with a new headset. The company is using its RealSense 3D camera technology in the AR headset, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Augmented reality is a separate but similar idea to virtual reality. Instead of taking up your entire field of view with computer-generated visuals, AR allows you to see the real world, but overlays visuals onto it. Intel’s foray into AR rather than VR makes it stand out against the deluge of VR headsets that have been announced or have hit the retail market in the past year.

Although Intel hasn’t released any details regarding its AR project, some predictions can be made about what it could end up being like. Because the headsets will use the RealSense camera technology, it is very likely that the device will be more than just a heads-up display akin to Google’s failed Glass experiment. It will probably act like Microsoft’s HoloLens, overlaying visuals that correspond and change with the environment you’re looking at.

Currently, Intel’s major AR competitors include Microsoft’s HoloLens, which has the high asking price of $3,000, Apple, which has been researching AR and VR since at least January, and Google. With these industry titans delving into AR headsets,

it will be interesting to see what innovations each come up with to make their device the most attractiveit will be interesting to see what innovations each come up with to make their device the most attractive to buyers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that while Intel is working on developing this AR technology, it probably won’t be selling it itself, but offering the technology to other companies to put their own spin on it. The sources were not aware of any manufacturing partners yet.

Intel did not immediately respond to request for comment.


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