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Laptop dock for Android: The $99 Superbook

Laptop dock for Android: The $99 Superbook. Science & Technology World Website

We recently saw the NexDock for Windows 10, a laptop shell that uses Continuum in Windows to become a laptop when a Windows Phone is plugged in. Now we see a similar setup for Android in the Superbook.

This is a bare laptop shell that uses a connected Android smartphone for the CPU, memory, and storage. This allows using familiar apps installed on the phone in a laptop format. It's reportedly only $99, making it an option for those wondering if such a system will work for their needs.

The Superbook is an 11.6-inch display (1366x768) with a keyboard and trackpad. Android has long supported physical keyboards and trackpads.

Any phone that runs Android 5.0 and later is plugged into the Superbook via USB-C or microUSB. The company web site states that the Superbook works with Andromium OS, a variant of Android that handles larger screens and multitasking. It sounds like this must be installed on the phone.

This is not the first Android laptop that uses a smartphone for the brains. Motorola sold the Atrix line of docks a few years ago that didn't make a splash in the market. The Atrix was expensive for a limited device and Android had not evolved far enough to make it a viable solution for mobile professionals.

The Superbook is available for preorder for $99 and is not shipping yet. The company is not stating when it will be shipping to customers.



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