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Gyenno Brings Health IT to the Table with Smart Fork, Spoon

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Gyenno Brings Health IT to the Table with Smart Fork, Spoon Science & Technology World Website


Chinese health IT specialist Gyenno is merging technology, health, big data and the Internet of things (IoT) with the launch of the Smart Spoon and Fork, which counteract hand tremors from Parkinson’s Disease and other conditions by keeping the utensil steady and collects data in the cloud about the patient’s tremors.

In addition, the company’s washable Smart Cup is an interactive cup featuring an LCD screen and provides user feedback. All three products integrate sensors along with data about certain health conditions and sophisticated algorithms.

Between Parkinson’s disease, which is estimated to affect 7 million or more people worldwide, and a neurological condition called Essential Tremors which is even more prevalent, many tens of millions of people worldwide suffer from shaky hands, making it extremely difficult to hold a utensil and eat without spilling.

The Smart Spoon and Fork, with its ergonomic grip, senses the tremor and employs robot technology both up and down and side to side to counteract the tremor and keep the food on the utensil. The company says the utensils are capable of offsetting 85 percent of unwanted tremors.

The Smart Cup’s LCD screen provides continuous feedback to users about how much liquid has been consumed, reminders about how often to drink, the temperature of the liquid and basic data about weather and time.

The Cup also allows users to create custom drinking plans (how much, how frequently), provides friendly reminders, and, because it is a connected device, it also provides notes and reminders so users stay properly hydrated.

"All our products are innovative,” Kang Ren, CEO, Gyenno Technologies, toldeWEEK. "We have a team who have more than 10 years’ experience in R&D and manufacturing. The pursuit of innovation and quality push us to achieve the goal."

Ren also noted the company has the cooperation of top Chinese universities to work together on some difficulties, which provide them with more resources to develop their ideas into real products.

Both the Smart Spoon and Fork (sold as a set) are available on Amazon, with the set listed for $299. The Smart Cup will be coming to Amazon soon (available first in China) and will sell for $70-$100. The company also offers a smartphone app which works with the Spoon and Cup.



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