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Spotify PartyDrone delivers tunes to festival goers

We've seen drones designed to deliver Wi-Fi, pharmaceuticals and books, but your favorite music? That's what Spotify and Belgian mobile operator base have done, enlisting UAVs to deliver personalized music to festival goers across Belgium last month.

Featuring a hexacopter design with a lightweight carbon case, an amplifier, three speakers pumping out 450 watts and LED lights on the underside, the custom-made PartyDrone looks like something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind – particularly at night – but delivers a much more upbeat soundtrack.

When buying tickets online, festival attendees were given the opportunity to add a song to a special Spotify playlist. When they arrived to collect their tickets, the PartyDrone was dispatched to accompany them from the ticket booth to the festival entrance, blasting their favorite track along the way.

While an unashamed marketing stunt to promote base's discount Spotify Premium rates, the PartyDrone does serve as an example of the seemingly endless applications for UAVs.



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