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Human-powered 'boat bike' lets cyclists travel over lakes and rivers

Need to get from one side of a river to another but can't find a bridge nearby? No problem.

Cycling fanatics will be able to take their hobby to the water with a specially designed water bike.

The Schiller X1 bike reaches speeds of approximately eight knots per hour - the equivalent of 10 miles (16 km) per hour on land - and can be used to traverse over lakes, rivers and more.

The human powered vehicle weighs just 20.5kg (45lb) thanks to its sleek aluminium frame.

Twin oscillating propellers which move left and right eliminate the need for a rudder while the inflatable pontoons keep the rider afloat.

And the bike can also go in reverse while on the water.

California-based sports company Schiller also says the water bike can be assembled or taken down within just ten minutes - and it is small enough to fit into a car boot.

'The idea was born out a love for biking and water sports,' said founder and CEO Judah Schiller.

'With approximately one billion bikes built for land on a planet that is over two thirds water, the time had come for a revolution in cycling and water sports.

He continued: 'Our goal was to create a water bike that would give the rider a sense of exhilaration and freedom as they set out for a morning ride or a weekend of camping or a day out fishing.

'It's lighter than a kayak, more stable than a stand up paddleboard and frees the rider of having to use a paddle for propulsion.

'And unlike almost any other water craft, the Schiller X1 also easily fits in the closet of an urban dwellers apartment and in the trunk of most automobiles.

'It's a bike designed for sport, fun and leisure - there is a relationship between the rider and the bike that is perhaps even more pronounced on water than on land.

'It is your vessel that keeps you afloat out on the blue and yet a bike - an awesome, precision engineered one - just the same.'

The Schiller X1 comes in a variety of colours with LED lighting and interchangeable bike components including the saddle, handlebars and pedals.

It is available from the Schiller website and costs about £3,900 ($6,495).

But for those with extra money to spend, Schiller are offering 250 special editions of the bike - called the 'Founders Edition'.

For a staggering £5,270 ($8,775) the water bike will come with an engraving, a wet dipped mirror chrome painted frame and a technology guarantee.



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