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BMW is adding 100 EV charging stations to US national parks


Today BMW turned on a EV charger at Thomas Edison National Historical Park, the former home of the inventor. It's the first of 100 stations that the German automaker plans on installing in US national parks over the next few years.

The partnership between National Park Foundation, National Park Service (NPS), Department of Energy and now BMW of North America is meant to get more EVs into national parks. While urban areas usually have a nice selection of places for an electric car to charge, once a driver gets into the great outdoors, it can be a bit more difficult to keep a battery topped off.

BMW's head of group region Americas Ludwig Willisch said "together with our partners, I hope that we can channel a little of Edison's spirit and, in the same way that he made electric power widely available, make electric vehicle charging more widely available for everyone." BMW has been aggressive about getting more charging stations on the road.

The partnership will determine where to place the charges based on the proximity and strength of the local EV markets, the location of nearby chargers and how the stations will fit into the natural and cultural landscape. The build out should take approximately two years. Meanwhile the charger at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park will be free for the next six months.



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