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The Apple TV Remote app is finally optimized for iPads


No, we still don't have an iPad version of the Instagram app, but another longtime holdout has gotten some big(ger) screen love. Apple has finally given its Apple TV Remote app a refresh tailored for the slate's display.The iTunes listing says that in addition to the expected visual improvements, there's also lyrics and "playlists for music and chapters." That's in addition to captions section for movies and TV shows.

Last February, Apple's Eddie Cue and Craig Federighi said that with the then-forthcoming app that it would be a "full replacement" for the Apple TV remote. At the time, he was speaking directly about how an iPhone armed with the app can be a second controller for games. Now, the same functionality (with Siri voice commands, no less) on a more substantial screen is a reality. Don't have an iPad? Well, then you'll have to settle for the usual "general performance and stability improvements."

Apple TV's new iPhone remote control app talks to Siri

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As promised, you no longer need to use the new Apple TV's standard remote control to take advantage of all the media hub's features. Apple hasreleased a brand new Apple TV Remote app that drags its iOS interface into the modern era. You can not only use the same touch-based control as on the hardware remote, but talk to Siri -- handy if you lost the physical controller between the couch cushions. It also supports motion controls for games, and there's even a Game Mode that strips things down.

The new Remote app works with every Apple TV from the second-generation model onward, and you should only miss Siri and other hardware-specific features on those previous devices. It's just as well, too. While the old app is still hanging around (at least for now), this is an entirely separate download. Apple appears to be making a clean break with this release, and you'll only really want the original Remote if you use it to control iTunes on your computer.

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