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Acer is making an air quality monitor

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Acer's next project is a different type of monitor than you might expect from the company. It's an air quality monitor, actually. No, wait; where are you going? "The Acer Air Monitor features a sleek and simple design, the device allows real-time monitoring of key air quality indicators through a dedicated app for smartphones, and by the changing colors of a breathing LED light embedded on the chassis," the company said in a press release. It all sounds very exciting.

As far as looks go, the device is pretty unobtrusive. It's square, relatively small, white and has a ring that changes color based on the air quality. Speaking of which, the gizmo will send push notifications or even integrate with IFTTT so you can do something when the air quality in your home changes. How it'll stand out in the admittedly crowded space remains to be seen. Acer expects the device to go on sale sometime between April and July of this year.

Netatmo's home monitor tracks air quality, humidity and more

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While it's far from a new idea, home air quality monitoring has seen something of a resurgence of late. Dyson in particular has been pushing pollution awareness alongside its range of purifiers, and now Netatmo is jumping on the trend. The device pictured above may look just like Netatmo's Welcome connected camera, but instead of a lens, the little tower hosts a quartet of environmental sensors instead. The Healthy Home Coach, as it's called, monitors air quality in real-time, as well humidity, temperature and noise.

Beyond recording information about your home's microclimate, though, there's nothing the device can actually do with that data. The companion mobile app will tell you when your abode needs a proper airing if pollution surpasses a certain level, and can advise you on optimal humidity as well as the right temperature to keep toddlers comfortable. But for the most part, it provides the data and you provide the action.

If you're happy with that arrangement, the Healthy Home Coach launches worldwide today for $99, £99 or €99, depending on your region. It can be purchased directly from Netatmo's online store, or you can track it down at other retailers such as Amazon, Lowes, Best Buy and Home Depot.



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