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New Simon memory game looks like a cheap VR headset

Last year, Hasbro revealed an updated version of its classic Simon gamethat didn't require you to press multi-color buttons. With Simon Air, you just put your hand close to the color and it device would detect your motion. For this year's New York Toy Fair, the company is taking hands-free play a step further with Simon Optix. This new model is a wearable headset that looks something like HoloLens or some other AR/VR headset but it doesn't do any of that.

Instead, Simon Optix makes you wave your hands in front of your face as the visor illuminates the area/color you need to pick. Built-in motion sensors track where your hands are and if you get to the specified located fast enough. Similar to the classic version, the movements become more complex as the game progresses and a buzzer will signal the disappointment when you make a wrong move.

If you have multiple Optix headsets, they can be paired together for a head-to-head or multiplayer setup. Each player will be given the same sequence and speed to see who can get the furthest. Don't get too close or you may end up slapping each other. If you want to give it a shot, Simon Optix is set to go on sale this fall for $25. Just remember to stock up on AA batteries before you nab one.



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