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Alibaba to Provide Free Internet to India to Rival Google and Facebook

Alibaba to Provide Free Internet to India to Rival Google and Facebook Science & Technology World Website

In the recent years, the Silicon Valley giants Google and Facebook are striving to promote the free Internet construction, with India as their focus of competition. Now the Chinese online giant Alibaba will take part in the race of the development of India’s free Internet.

Alibaba is going to promote free internet to Indians by cooperating with a local telecom service operator in this country. With free Internet, Alibaba is planning to seize the flow entrance in this potential huge market.

The President of Overseas Business said, “We are trying to provide users with lower cost of data and even free Internet connectivity. Alibaba is negotiating with Wi-Fi providers and other partners.” Earlier UCWeb, which had dominated half of the market shares, committed to invest hugely in the Indian market.

In future, Alibaba will have a fierce competition with the pioneers Google and Facebook. Although the Free Basics of the social network Facebook has failed, it tied up with India’s state-run BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) . Now it provides free Wi-Fi services in 125 villages. On the other hand, Google has partnered with RailTel, which is the communication department of Indian Railways. With this relationship, Google’s free Wi-Fi has connected over 100 railway stations across the country. In the future, it will offer free network to as many as 400 stations.

Meanwhile, the local companies in India are also promoting the development of free Internet. The operator Reliance Jio the is offering free 4G network and unlimited voice calls. With the entry of Alibaba, the popularization process in India is set to go further.

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