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Northeast Agricultural University is a high-ranking agricultural university

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Northeast Agricultural University is a high-ranking agricultural university Science & Technology World Website

Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU) is a high-ranking agricultural university in China, which is specialized in agricultural science and focused on life science and food science. Founded in 1948, NEAU was established by Heilongjiang Provincial Government and the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China.

NEAU is one of the key universities under the scope of China's ‘National 211 Project and Mid-west basic competence of higher education Project. In addition, NEAU is one of A-level universities in undergraduate education granted by Ministry of Education. Over the past years, NEAU developed into a comprehensive university with 16 schools and one department in the areas of agriculture, engineering, science, economy and management and art.

At present, the university has 28052 students, including 24157 undergraduates and 3690 graduate students. As one of national key universities of China, NEAU has fostered over 200 thousand graduates. They are engaged as innovational talents, integrated talents and applied talents in the fields of advanced research and agricultural production throughout China and Heilongjiang Province.NEAU was established in 1948, originally under the name “Northeastern Agricultural Institute”.

The school was renamed “Harbin Agricultural Institute” in 1950. In 1994, the name Northeastern Agricultural University was adopted.The university has 1544 full-time teachers, including 312 professors and 452 associate professors. 712 of them got PHD degree and 557 of them got Master degree. Some of our professors have outstanding achievements, including one member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and 171 doctoral supervisors.Our academics and researchers have won many honors and awards in recognition of their innovations and discoveries. The advancements they have made have changed the face of their chosen areas of work and have helped to make us a high-raking agricultural university in China.

Our research teams and professors have been awarded 30 of national prizes of State Award for Natural Science, State Award for Invention and National Prize for Progress in Technology and Science. Due to our extraordinary contributions to the development of Heilongjiang Province, we have been got several provincial prizes of 9 Outstanding Technological Benefits Awards, 3 Revitalizing Economy Awards and 2 Prize of Contributions to Grain Production.

With the motto of “Hard-working and Self-Discipline” and the spirit of seeking for diligence, realistic, dedication and innovation, NEAU is dedicated to a well-known and high-level agricultural university.



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