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Nexus Firewall Comes as the Best Defense for Software Developers

Nexus Firewall Comes as the Best Defense for Software Developers. Science & Technology World Website

Sonatype recently launched Nexus firewall. This is the best solution app developers have right now when it comes to eliminating risks. The way Nexus firewall will work is by basically setting a perimeter control for software development. This feature has been designed especially to help app developers. Users will be able to shield their application development from threats by blocking unwanted software compounds that can interfere with the app’s development process.

Additionally, this firewall will do much more than block unwanted software. It will provide the necessary information that organizations need in order to make decisions regarding open source component selections in the early stages of the development process.

Nexus firewall will use a repository manager. This manager has become quite popular among developers and it’s used as an important part of the DevOps Tool Chain. App developers can think of the repository manager as a binary parts store for their applications. What’s really great about the new repository manager is that everything will work automatically. This will reduce the amount of work developers have to put in while also steering away from different risks at the same time.

A couple of months ago, Sonatype launched Nexus RHC. At the moment this is the best way to get basic OSS visibility. The Nexus RHC (Repository Health Check) is quite functional right now having over 30 million components over 15 thousand Nexus instanced. This data is being analyzed every day. In fact, there are millions of repository users right now making RHC rather popular.

Regarding data, after closely inspecting a three month analysis we were able to see that 69 vulnerabilities managed to flow into the repositories. This makes it 23 vulnerabilities each month, almost two every week. This is quite impressive, making this repository the lowest risk one yet.

Nonetheless, organizations should know that by enabling Nexus Firewall their production will be instantly improved. What’s more important is that they will reduce their risk and waste exposure levels. The development speed will only be increased and this is the most important thing in the end. Being able to complete major tasks in small amounts of time is what makes the difference between good organizations and great organizations.



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