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Adidas thinks Tesla's old Model 3 logo is a little too familiar

Adidas thinks Tesla's old Model 3 logo is a little too familiar Science & Technology World Website

Would you confuse the Tesla Model 3's three-bar logo with Adidas' signature stripes? No? Don't tell that to Adidas. The apparel giant has filed a challenge to prevent Tesla from registering the Model 3's logo as a trademark. It's similar enough to Adidas' stripes that it's "likely to cause confusion" and suggest the two brands are connected, according to the filing. It's a tenuous claim -- we're pretty sure people know that shoes and electric cars are different things. However, it may not be as much of an issue given Tesla's recent actions.

We've reached out to Tesla, and a spokesperson notes that the EV maker quietly changed the logo to the numeric "3" weeks ago, well before Adidas filed its notice. While the company did withdraw its application for the old three-bar logo on February 7th, it maintains that this was strictly a Tesla branding decision and not a response to the trademark issue. We've asked Adidas for its take on the situation, but it looks its objection is based more on principle than what Tesla is actually doing.

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