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Exercising on an empty stomach is worse for you than after meals

Exercising on an empty stomach is worse for you than after meals. Science & Technology World Website

Many of us know that we shouldn’t take strenuous exercise immediately after the meals. But we are not be much aware of that exercising on an empty stomach is worse than after meals, even may lead to sudden death.

When fasting, especially early in the morning, the body's blood glucose concentration is low. If you do exercise at this time, it is bound to consume a lot of energy, making the blood glucose concentration lower. Patients with diabetes should pay special attention to this. Blood glucose is a direct energy source of the brain. In the case of the low brain glucose concentration, the brain will send a fatigue signal for lack of energy, then people will feel dizzy and tired, appear pale, and break out in a cold sweat. If you continue to work out, you may be unconscious, even coma.

In addition, when people is on an empty stomach, the main source of energy is from the conversion of body fat. If you are doing exercise at this time, the free fatty acid will rise significantly. Fatty acids are the main energy source of the myocardium. The sudden increase of the content of fatty acids may simulate the myocardium, causing arrhythmia, even sudden death. After getting up in the early morning, it’s best to drink a cup of honey water or eat bananas, biscuits or other digestible food, and then exercise. If you feel dizzy in the exercise, you should slow down, then drink some sugar drink or eat energy bars after the heatbeat is steady.

In the half an hour of a meal, the blood is concentrated in the intestines and stomach. If you take exercise at the moment, the skeletal muscle will ‘snatch ’ the blood away and cause gastrointestinal ischemia, which not only reduces the gastrointestinal motility, but also leads to dyspepsia; after the half an hour, the blood glucose begins to rise, you can do some low intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking and cycling; after one hour, you can do moderate exercise, such as brisk walking and jogging; after 1.5 to 2 hours, you can do high intensity exercise.

If you get used to taking exercise after dinner, it is recommended to have 60 to 70 percent full, then you can take exercise after one hour. After exercise, a cup of milk can replenish strength and help sleep, 

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