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IronBot is more than a kid's playmate

Many children have robot toys with different models capable of being controlled remotely. If you thought the robot toy is just something like Transformers for killing time, then you are wrong. Nowadays, robot toys are becoming more and more intelligent. At the same time of being a playmate of children, it can also educate them elementarily, which, to certain extend, frees the parents from their kids.

The difficulty in production of robots has been solved, and they showing in various exhibitions represents the technology of future. Robots are not that unreachable, they have walked into ordinary families. Being a father or mother, if you don’t have time to accompany your child, it doesn’t matter, you could have a robot to talk and play with your son. IronBot, invented by a China-based company JORNCO, is such an enlighten education robot, serving as both a playmate and a “teacher” for kids aged 8 to 14.

Started from a set of units, IronBot can be assembled into 4 type of robots—mechanical arm, holder, walker robot or humanoid robot—from beginner level to advanced level. According to the instruction manual, children can assemble the robot on their own with spare and accessory parts using small tools such as screwdriver. All parts of IronBot are designed with no sharp edge for children’ s safety. Moreover, its structure and material are all optimized for children, for example, the company adopts a round hexagonal screw as the assembly tool. Children at the age above 11 can finish it independently under the guidance of the instruction.

What is the electronic module? How does a motor work? In the process of hand working, children could learn knowledge covering science, technology, engineering, math and so on to open the door of the further robot world. Ever for an adult, it takes at least two or three hours to complete it, children will have fun with it quite a while, which can improve their patience and manipulative ability.

Apart from that, robot assembly can also promote intelligent development. After connecting the bluetooth between the smartphone and the robot, children could programme in the APP to enable the functions of the robot, for example, delivering goods, clipping sugars, thrusting balloons. More IronBots together can play a drum-and-pass game or race.

When the IronBot transforms into a humanoid robot, it would impress you. Looking like a mini “Iron Man”, any smartphone can be the “brain” of it. After setting the dialogues, actions, expressions and voices, IronBot can talk with you in voice and vision, even act in a play.

As a matter of fact, not a few companies have unveiled educational and accompanying robots, such as Lego Boost, a educational robot launched by Lego for children aged over 7; Mitu module-player robot from Xiaomi, a product providing a simple logic programming environment for children. Indeed, the company from parents can’t be replaced in the children’s growing. But a robot that can cultivate children’s curiosity and thirst for exploration is much advanced than traditional toys.

It’s important to note that the “programming” here talks about is not the dryasdust numbers or symbols, but some understandable graphs that can be dragged and merged. Children can design the reactions of the robot with them, so as to develop their logical thinking and programming interests. With imaginations and creativity, the robot could become an unique little friend by programming and debugging constantly.

In 2016, IronBot kicked off a crowdfunding in indiegogo, and received orders from 25 countries and regions within 45 days. 

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