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LG G6 is being launched at the Mobile World Congress

LG G6 is being launched at the Mobile World Congress Science & Technology World Website

LG has hinted that it may be unveiling a new smartphone with edge-to-edge display at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month.

An official press invite has been sent out, which features a tantalising picture of the LG G6 that seemingly features a screen that covers the entire phone.

The phone will be unveiled at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona on 26 February.  

Manufacturers have been trying to increase the size of the screen without making the phone itself any bigger. 

And the invitation suggests that the LG is finally waving goodbye to the rim of the phone (bezels) with the G6.

The invitation also included a diagram resembling a smartphone display with an 18:9 aspect ratio - which suggests this might be the dimensions of the phone itself.  

It is unclear how a full-screen display works - and what happens to all the ports that are on the edge of the device, such as headphone jack and sound controls. 

If the phone has any buttons, they would most likely be located on the back of the device. 

A video on LG's YouTube channel entitled 'Wish list for the ideal smartphone' ends with the words 'Imagine how your wishes will all come true' and then February 2017.

The video also shows people on the street talking about their wish list for the ideal smartphone. 

The interviewees said they wanted a big screen yet for the phone to remain portable so it could still fit in a pocket or be used with one hand. 

One lady said: 'I don't want the phone to be able to slip out of my hand when I'm using it. 

'Dropping your phone in the toilet is the worst nightmare.'

'I don't want to keep paying for a cracked screen or anything', another lady commented. 

The final image suggests the new phone will have a big screen, smaller body, will be waterproof, reliable and 'capture it all at once'.

The handset succeeds the LG G5 which was unveiled last year. 

MailOnline has contacted LG for comment.



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