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MiiXR is a mixer which can charge your devices

MiiXR is a mixer which can charge your devices Science & Technology World Website

People who are used to doing exercises or drinking beverages have the same demand, to make a cup of soluble coffee or cocoa beverage any time and any where. The biggest problem for these beverages is, in order to mix them completely, you have to blend and shake them all the time. However, if the cup is not well sealed, it will splash all over. Otherwise, it may agglomerate and affect the flavor.

It would be so great if there was a way to mix the liquid completely without shaking hard. Do not worry, now this kind of cup is coming, which is MiiXR, an autonomous mixer launching crowd funding on Kickstarter.

MiiXR, an elaborately designed autonomous mixing bottle, is the best choice for those fitness fanatics who want to have a cup of protein powder beverage anytime and anywhere.

With ultra speed blending system, MiiXR can mix the liquid completely just in five seconds.

MiiXR has an extra-wide mouth and sealing design. The special diversion system can expel the redundant air out during drinking. The matte finish cap design features soft-touch and skid resistance.

MiiXR has the optimal fluid dynamics mixing system. The round edge design will maintain the flavor and integrity of all the nutritionals.

The detachable motor and the environmental protection materials make MiiXR easy-cleaning. The unique locking mechanism makes the cap not fall off. In addition, the leaking-proof rubber plug will not allow the beverage leak from the bottle.

Moreover, MiiXR has a built-in battery, which could be charged with microUSB and on-board USB ports. The 1500mAh battery can also be used as a portable power source, which can charge your smartphones in emergency.

MiiXR has launched a crowd funding on Kickstarter, with the goal of $30000. You may pre-order it at $22 (150). It is expected to be shipped in June 2017. 

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