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Google will discontinue Google Now Launcher for mobile service adjustment

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Google will discontinue the Google Now Launcher for mobile service adjustment Science & Technology World Website

Google will discontinue the Google Now Launcher. In the fall of 2016, Google unveiled a Pixel phone. Before that, Google Now Launcher had always been the default launcher for native Android devices.

It is revealed in an e-mail written by the Android team of Google Mobile Service Department that, Google Now Launcher will be removed from Google Play by the first quarter of 2017. It is said by the e-mail that, “Although users cannot download or install the launcher from Google Play Store any more, Google will still provide support for users of Google Now Launcher by means of Google Search Engine upgrade.”

Recently, Google made a lot of adjustments to this feature, which made many functions of Now become a part of Google Search Engine. Google Search Engine also removed all the “Google Now” logos. Since Pixel phones were launched in 2016, Pixel launcher has become a new standard.

The e-mail also said, all Android device manufacturers can integrate information in Now into the launcher. From March 1, Google Now Launcher will be removed from Google Mobile Services package, which means that Google will not allow devices to pre-install Google Now Launcher any longer. 

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