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Intel unveils a 5G modem for self-driving development

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Intel unveils a 5G modem for self-driving development Science & Technology World Website

Since Intel disappeared in mobile phone sector, it has been seeking the opportunity to return the smartphone market. Now 5G is the best accessing way for this company. Before Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, Intel had unveiled its first 5G modem. It is indicated that as 5G commercialization era is drawing near, Intel will deploy a bigger end-to-end network construction.

Since 5G technology does not have a global definition and standard, it will take some time for 5G service’s comprehensive implementation. The telecommunication industry organization is still discussing on 5G’s technological standard. The US telecom operator Verizon is preparing to launch 5G service in 2017, while a South Korea’s telecom operator is planning to launch 5G-level service during the period of Olympic Winter Games in 2018. However, it is estimated by most operators that 5G commercialization service will be launched by 2020.

It is noticeable that, Intel also unveiled a vehicle platform, including hardware and software, which are connected by 5G network. Intel believed that high speed data connection is very essential for the development of self-driving cars. Self-driving cars need to collect the information of the surroundings, and send the information back to the cloud computing platform for processing.

Intel announced the cooperation with BMW and Mobileye, the developer of self-driving system in July 2016, in an effort to develop self-driving cars jointly, which will be put into volume production by 2020. After that, Intel committed that there would be 40 BMW cars with built-in Intel Go on road by the end of 2017.

In order to support 5G and self-driving technology, Intel has developed Intel GO smart driving 5G on-board communication platform. Launched in February 2017, this platform enables car manufacturers to develop and test various usage scenarios, for example, to upload the data of the car sensor to machine learning system, to download high definition map or to upgrade firmware and software in the air. 

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