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The AI controlled robo-jacket that can keep you comfortable

The AI controlled robo-jacket that can keep you comfortable Science & Technology World Website

A silicon valley startup has developed an AI jacket with slits that automatically open or close to adjust your body temperature. 

The slits on the jacket help make it more breathable if, for example, you're skiing or just feeling hot on a stuffy train car during your commute.

The slits are on the front and back of the jacket and can be operated manually - with the AI eventually learning your temperature preference and adjusting the slits automatically. 

The company, Omius, based in Menlo Park, California, modeled the jacket after the stomata of plants -  the tiny pores that allow plants to let gas in and out.

The jacket has slits on the front and back, which open and close depending on your body temperature. 

The jacket has a temperature sensor built in which measures your temperature and the temperature outside, along with hardware that opens and closes the 'pores.'

But to help the AI learn your preferences, the jacket allows you to open and close the vents yourself.

It also doesn't have motors so it doesn't make any noise, the developer's say. 

Gustavo Cadena, the CEO/CTO of Omius, told New Atlas: 'Machine learning algorithms let us map out the comfort preferences of each user, allowing the jacket to automatically adapt its protection to the user's preferences, maintaining always the right temperature. 

The jacket will be useful for people who do sports such as skiing, where they need to stay warm in the cold but also cool down when they're exerting themselves physically. 

The jacket runs on a rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery that the Mr Cadena said lasts about a day.

But you only need the batteries to open and close the vents - so if you like to keep them open, you don't need to recharge it.

The hardware of the jacket lies within the back, chest and armpit areas and weighs 3.5 oz (100 grams), which the developers say weighs less than an iPhone.  

The jacket hasn't been released yet, but the company says it will soon launch a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise money to manufacture it.

The company says they've tested the jacket with pro-athletes from different sports backgrounds such as running, cycling, skiing and climbing and received positive feedback.

When it comes to pricing, Mr Cadena said that it will be priced similarly to other premium Gore-Tex jackets, which are waterproof and breathable and have a broad price range. 



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