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Some Amazing Technologies in Our Daily Life

At the last CES (Customer Electronics Show) kicked off in Las Vegas, US, some companies brought some commodities  which could easily handle the little annoyances in our daily life. As the saying goes, science and technology changes life.

Turn food waste into fertilizer

Some Amazing Technologies in Our Daily Life. Science & Technology World Website

We all know that it’s not easy to deal with the food waste produced in the kitchen everyday. A novel product, ZERA Food Recycler showed in the 2017 CES could turn the food waste into fertilizer within 24 hours. It looks like an air purifier. Users need to put a bag of additive into it every once in a while. The carbon filter could isolate the odor given off by the food wast such as vegetables, meat and dairy. After grinding and baking, the waste will be turned into something like soil which could be used as a fertilizer for flowers and plants in house.


Smart anti-snore mattress

Some Amazing Technologies in Our Daily Life. Science & Technology World Website

The Sleep Number smart mattress has a gap in the center, and the two sides could be adjusted on different demands, such as head height, mattress temperature and hardness.

If your partner snores in the bed, the smart mattress is able to adjust the shape according to the sleeping posture to keep your partner’s breathing smooth. Lifting the head of bed could relieve the snoring effectively.


Let the pet have a healthy diet

Some Amazing Technologies in Our Daily Life. Science & Technology World Website

Looking like a bigger egg, Catspad is a smart feeding device and can contain 1.7kg of food and 8kg of water. When your cat approaches, the sensor of Catspad will spit the provisions out according to your previous settings. You can also watch how much of food your cat have had on the phone and then decide whether to feed it further. Catspad also supports a necklace with a chip built in, which is able to learn your pet’s nutriture. Catspad can help your cat to keep healthy.

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