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Sena innovates with Bluetooth half-helmet

Known primarily for its wide range of add-on Bluetooth communication devices, Sena has introduced the first motorcycle half-helmet with integrated coms system. The Cavalry incorporates a discretely pre-wired Bluetooth setup, featuring the basic technologies one would expect in a Sena communicator.

Having attained a leading position in the motorcycle Bluetooth market, it is only logical that Sena would progress to offering helmets with factory pre-installed systems. The announcement of the Intelligent Noise Cancellingmotorcycle helmet came in late 2015 to signal the company's opening to a new market, but, while waiting for the flagship full-face lid to finally hit the markets, Sena introduced the first half-helmet with integrated coms.

The Cavalry is a typical half-shell motorcycle helmet, built with a composite fiberglass outer shell, removable peak visor and double D-ring retention system. As for its communication system, this is more or less the same setup used in the Smart helmet for cyclists – minus the action camera that is not available as a built-in option for the Cavalry.

The waterproof communicator is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 and can support up to four connections within a maximum range of 900 m (0.5 mi) on open terrain. Its li-ion battery can supply up to 10 hours of talk time and will require another three for a full charge.

The helmet's inner shell houses the built-in microphone above the forehead area, while two HD speakers are positioned above the ears. Sena's noise control technology will probably come in very handy, given that the microphone sits several inches above the rider's mouth. The same case can be made for the ear cups that are ordered separately to provide some noise-cancelling services at higher speeds.

Typically for Sena, the Cavalry's system can connect to a smart device via the basic headset app for iOS and Android. This way the rider can fiddle with the communicator's settings, make and receive phone calls, follow GPS voice instructions, listen to stored music and share it with other connected companions, and configure the built-in FM radio receiver.

The Cavalry helmet is already available to order from Sena's online store, only in black with the selection of either matte or glossy finish, retailing for US$349.



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