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Eating too much high cocoa chocolate could make the brain younger

Eating too much high cocoa chocolate can make the brain younger. Science & Technology World Website

A new study of Japan found that eating chocolate with over 70% of cocoa may help increase the amount of brain cortex, which means that the brain is able to become younger, and the learning ability may be increased.

According to Japanese media reports, the team recruited 30 volunteers aged from 45 to 68 as the research object, of which men and women accounted for half. The researchers asked them to eat 25 grams of high cocoa chocolate (over 70% of cocoa ) every day for 4 consecutive weeks, and used magnetic resonance imaging technology to compare the amount change of brain cortex. The cortex has a large number of nerve cells, it is associated with learning function and will decrease with age.

The results showed that after 4 weeks of high cocoa chocolate intake, the average value of brain cortex of the objects increased significantly. The researchers explained that the change in the brain cortex indicates the brain is becoming younger and its ability to learn new knowledge is likely to increase.

However, the researchers also said that they are not clear about the physiological mechanism, it is necessary to carry out large-scale, long-term studies to verify this effect.

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