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AliCloud cooperates with Education Cloud of Tomorrow Advancing Life

AliCloud cooperates with Education Cloud of Tomorrow Advancing Life Science & Technology World Website

AliCloud has reached a cooperation with the Education Cloud of Tomorrow Advancing Life. The both sides will cooperate deeply in education cloud computing, big data and other fields.

The Ministry of Education has proposed the new requirement on the teaching of public schools and national education informationization plan, which means education informationization has transformed from traditional hardware infrastructure to software construction of content and resources.

Wang Xiaofei, general manager of AliCloud Education Business said, the intelligent education will play a very important role to education in 5-10 years in the era of DT, which is the abbreviation of Data Technology. Jack Ma has said in a speech that, “Human is going from IT era to DT era.”

AliCloud and the Education Cloud of Tomorrow Advancing Life will work jointly to pack the IT basic capacity, educational products and services and teacher’s capacity into the standardized capacities and export them, which will energize K12 training institutes of more than 12000 middle and primary schools offline.

Both Alibaba Group and Jack Ma have been investing in education industry, including the foundation of Hupan University and contribution to rural schools.

AliCloud has paid great attention to education field. Currently, AliCloud has launched the AUCP (Alibaba Cloud University Cooperation Program) and Big Data Talent Authentication Project cooperating with nearly 200 institutes of higher learning around the country. Besides, it has worked with six provincial educational departments including Zhejiang and Jiangsu, so as to speed up talent training. Meanwhile, AliCloud actively cooperates with institutes of higher learning and social training institutes to train a great number of professional talents and export back to education system. 

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