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Overseas Containers Limited (OCL) is a container shipping company

Overseas Containers Limited (OCL) is a container shipping company Science & Technology World Website

Overseas Containers Limited (OCL) is a container shipping company formed by a consortium of British shipping companies in 1965. It is not to be confused with Orient Overseas Container Line(OOCL).

Container ships sailing for the company under the OCL banner were characterised by their green hulls with white topping, white superstructure and green funnels bearing the initials OCL in white letters. All OCL ships' names ended in Bay, such as Encounter Bay,Tokyo Bay, Liverpool Bay, Resolution Bay and Mairangi Bay. Subsidiary operations such as the Australia- Japan Container Line did not follow this trend, instead having names such as Arafura and Aotea. When OCL became P&OCL, there was a slight modification to the ships' colour scheme, the hulls becoming completely green and the OCL logo on the funnels being replaced with the P&O logo. The naming convention was retained, and in June 2006 there were still a couple of Bay ships in the Maersk Line fleet.



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