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Kika works with BFSU to establish a non-general language foundation

Kika has announced that it is working jointly with the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) to set up a Global Non-general Language Non-profit Foundation, which aims at assisting the university to launch a teaching project for 100 non-general languages so as to promote the globalization of the Internet with the industry-university-research cooperation.

This Non-profit Foundation is only a part of Kika’s Global 100 Languages Support Project, which is committed to supporting the input and inheritance for 100 non-general languages globally. This project takes priority of India and Southeast Asia and then supports more than 20 languages in Europe, finally it enters Africa and other important countries, in an effort to fill in the blanks of these non-general languages in inputting communication and cultural inheritance.

According to Kika, with the deep culture investigation in 2016, Kika quickly promoted the dictionary development in Southeast Asia market. It has developed non-general language dictionaries according to the demands of the local users. For example, Kika investigated the spelling issues of the India’s official language Hindi. It has optimized deeply the dictionary for this language after meticulous analysis.

Apart from supporting all the 22 non-general languages in India, Kika also supports the mixed input of Hindi and Hinglish.

It is revealed that this Global 100 Languages Support Project will also fill in the blanks of India’s non-general language Sinhalese in input method. Formed in 6th century BC, Sinhalese is used by more than 13 million people, most of which are located in Sri Lanka and north of India. However, in India, there is no good mobile input method to support this language. The users of Sinhalese have to spell and input the language in Latin. Kika’s input method supports the mobile input of Sinhalese, which will play an important role in the expansion of Sinhalese market in Southeast Asia headed by Siri Lanka. It is reported Sinhalese is the official language of Siri Lanka, with 73% of the population in this country using it.

There are four awards for Kika’s Global Non-general Language Non-profit Foundation with BFSU: Kika’s Future Star, Kika’s Non-general Language Contribution Award, Kika’s Outstanding Project and Kika’s Globalization Travel Award. With the establishment of this Non-profit Foundation, Kika intended to promote the communication and combination of multi-national cultures with the training of outstanding talents. On the other hand, it will support the construction and research of foreign studies and promote the inheritance and development of the global languages.

Hu Xinyong, Kika’s CEO said, “Kika is committed to promoting the protection and inheritance of the global languages and cultures. In recent years, it has been increasing the input of non-general languages. We hope we can keep a long-term cooperation with Beijing Foreign Studies University, making a contribution to multilingual languages and culture communication in Internet globalization.”

Kika’s input method now supports more than 90 languages. With the mission of “making the communication of the world easier”, it hopes all the countries and nationalities will communicate smoothly and efficiently in the Internet era.

Kika’s input method is used by more than 250 million people in 140 countries around the world. Based on huge user data and international horizon, Kika is working hard on the global market, becoming one of the flagship enterprises of Chinese offshore companies.

As an institute of higher education, Beijing Foreign Studies University has cultivated a great number of linguistic talents. The cooperation of both sides will not only help institutes of higher learning to form a bridge between talents and enterprises, but broaden the scope of subjects and projects, which will promote the development and inheritance of all the non-general languages in the context of Internet globalization.

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