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Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT)

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Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) Science & Technology World Website

Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) traces its origin back to the Western Learning School of Shanxi Grand Academy established in 1902, which is one of the three earliest national universities in China. It has gone through a series of names, as Engineering Faculty of Shanxi Grand Acadamy, Institute of Technology, Shanxi University, Taiyuan Institute of Technology. In 1953, it became an independent institution under the direct administration of Higher Education Ministry with the new name of Taiyuan Institute of Tecnology before it returned to Shanxi Province in 1962, anthoer name of Taiyuan University of Technology was adopted in 1984. In 1997, then Taiyuan University of Technology merged with Shanxi Mining Institute established in 1958 and administered by the Ministry of Coal, and the new Taiyuan University of Technology was founded. In the same year, TYUT was nominated a university for the National “211 Project” (a national promotion project for higher education in the 21st century). 

TYUT has now four campuses of Yingxi, Huyu, Bailing and Mingxiang, with the total area of 3,201 mu (535 acres), the building area of 1.21 million square meters. TYUT recruits students from all the 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, with full-time undergraduates of 27 thousand, postgraduate students of 5 thousand and PhD students of 700.  This university is among the first group of universities that started“Excellent Engineer Cultivation Program” initiated by Ministry of Education and is one of the universities practicing the “Creating Project of College Students”. It is the very first university in Shanxi that was authorized by Beijing Military Region for selection and cultivation of the army officers. TYUT has been respectively honored with the awards of “Excellent Higher Educator of Undergraduates”, “National Civilized Unit”, “National May Day Medal”, and “National Excellent Foundational Unit of the Party”.

With distinctive characteristics of disciplines and rational organization of majors, TYUT has now 77 undergraduate disciplines, 126 master’s degree programs, 49 PhD programs, 13 post-doctoral research centers and 7 specialist master’s degree programs. Twenty engineering disciplines have been authorized to confer engineering master’s degree, 10 higher education disciplines have been authorized to confer master’s degree for higher education teacher. TYUT has 3 national key disciplines, 4 national model centers of experiment teaching, 5 national specialistic disciplines, 7 national “Teaching Center of Engineering Practicum”, 1 provincial-ministerial nationally key laboratery base and national teaching team, 1 nationally excellent course, national excellent shared course and national bilingual model course, 3 national excellent open vedio classes, 4 key laborateries of Ministry of Education, 2 Changjiang Scholar creative teaching teams of Ministry of Education, 1 engineering research center of Ministry of Education. In 2014, TYUT “International Joint Research Center of Coal Sustainable Effective Clean Exploitation and Use of Coal” was designated as the International Base for Sci-tech Cooperation by Ministry of Science and Technology.  The recent statistics of ESI database indicate that TYUT engineering discipline and material discipline both rank top 1 percent on ESI global list.

TYUT has a faculty of 3,682, among whom 2595 are teaching and researching staff. 1,087 of them have PhD and 1,152 have senior academic titles.  TYUT has 181 doctorate supervisors, 14 academician professors, 3 national outstanding specialists, 3 winners of Chinese Youth Sci-tech Awards, 1 member of  Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 2 academic committeemen of Sci-tech Dept of Educaton Ministry, 4 winners of Fund for National Outstanding Youth, 1 national star teacher, 6 national candidates for “Hundred-thousand-ten-thousand Specialists of the New Century”. 2 leading persons for young and middle-aged sci-tech re-inventors, 15 excellent specialists of Education Ministry for the new century, 9 senior soecialists in contact with the Party Central Committee, 1 Changjiang Scholar professor, 2 winners of national top 100 PhD dissertations, 1 “Sci-tech Advancement Award” winner and 1 “Sci-tech Innovation Award” of He Liang-He Li Foundation, 56 specialists of Shanxi Province “Hundred Talents Project”, 19 of “333 Leading Persons of New Century Academic Technology of Shanxi”, 4 special professors of “Shanxi Scholar”, 127 professors authorized for the government subvention.  Over 180 well-known scholars from home and abroad are employed as honorary professors, guest professors and parttime professors.  

TYUT links itself to the locall development and has achieved a lot scientifically in research.  The promotion in research and development in technology has been put into application for further study in TYUT.  TYUT has been the chief scientist unit twice to undertake the national key fundamental research projects (973 Project).  Also, it has undertaken 945 projects of various kinds, such as “863 Project”, national new high-tech development project, national sci-tech key project, and national outstanding youth foundation project.  TYUT has won 434 prizes of both national and provincial levels, among which there are 41 of National Natural Science Awards, Technological Invention Awards, and Sci-tech Advancement Awards.  And 132 awards for teaching achievemnet have been won by TYUT, 6 of which are national first- and second-class teaching awards.  The output and tramsformation of sci-tech achievement have promoted the development of the university high-tech enterprises, and highlighted the leading role of TYUT in the re-inventive high-tech production, and offered the technological and personnel supports to the regional and industrial economy construction in the realization of prospering the nation by science and education.  Especially in the process of speeding up the unification of learning, research and production, TYUT’s researching advantage and innovating capacity have successively materialized into real productivity to serve the regional and industrial development, and prominent contributions have been made to the national economy construction and social development.  

This university has adhered to the mission of cultivating students and has created the atmophere of humanitic culture.  For years, TYUT has persevered with its long-term education identity of “Centering on staff and students, supported by arts and sports, passing on virtue and intellegence, advancing in an all-round way”.  This univesity has won many titles in variety of artistic performances and sports competitions: many champions were won in the National Robot Competition, Challenge Cup, and mathematical modeling.  Known as “Northwest King”, TYUT man basketball team has won 15 champions in northwest division, and is the only team that has come to the top eight in every single CUBA season, with 2 titles of CUBA final champion.  In 2014, this team won the runner-up when it played in Chinese Univesity Basketball Super League for the first time, a rare team with double runner-ups in both competitions.  On top of that, TYUT women basketball team, women volleyball team, men soccer team, athletic team, martial arts team have all fought into the finals in many national competitions and won honors for TYUT as well as for Shanxi Province. 



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