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Aloha Petroleum Ltd. is a US energy company

Aloha Petroleum, Ltd. is a company that owns numerous convenience stores (Aloha Island Mart) andgas stations (Aloha Quality Gas) in Hawaii, many of which are operated by 7-Eleven convenience stores.

The company also has federal, state, city and county contracts and supplies gasoline to other convenience stores and gas stations not branded as Aloha Gas, Including Costco, Navy Exchange and Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Aloha Petroleum Ltd. also owns the Shell Hawaii and Mahalo branded gas stations.

Aloha was part of a controversial deal in which Harken Energy sold the company to a group of investors that included two of Harken's own board members, turning Harken's equity stake in Aloha into a loan, and thereby disguising most of their 1989 losses. This technique of inflating profits was used more famously by Enron. The same accounting firm, Arthur Andersen, was responsible for the Aloha Petroleum deal.

In 2014, Aloha was acquired by Sunoco, a company controlled by Energy Transfer Partners.



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